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Multi-Asset Trading Platform with full support for all leading Cryptocurrencies & Tokens all under a One Stop Market Place. Enjoy a vast range of trading arenas, Crypto 2 Crypto, ETFs, e-OTC, Multi-feed news & updates, Algo trading support (Including HFT), Guru trading advisor, Funding, Lending, Community & Private Chats and a lot more! 

Super-fast verification
Our experienced team has developed such systems for institutional players and banks.
Round-The-Clock Support
Our professional team are here for you, 24/7 for anything.
Your data and digital assets are 100% secured protected on offline storage. First trading platform with account access using 4FA.
Customizable Workspace
By selecting the type, beginners or advanced, you can customize widgets, create a personalized workspace according to your needs - Allows you to create the most convenient trading environment.
Developer API
Bitzonex Developer API service designed to offer a simple & efficient way to build a digital asset, trading applications & tools. Create your own charts, monitor & edit your orders and positions, to track your trading history and wallets movement.
Blockchain & Transactions
We allow our customers to import their private keys and use them as trading accounts. Bitzonex relies only on our own Nodes that are securely connected to the blockchain and do not rely on third parties.

Our Advantages,
Your Benefits

  • Your assets safe and secured with our strong, up to 4 factors authentications (4FA)varied security options!
  • Social, private chats and community channels with our experts and Gurus support!
  • Full accesssupport and control of your assets directly from your mobile!

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Fintech Alliances

We have partnered with the leading companies in the blockchain, fintech,
finance, legal, marketing and tech spaces to deliver the world’s most user-centric trading platform.



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